August 3, 2016




Paris – 27 July 2016 – Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, has signed a partnership agreement with Tredzone, a technology solution provider specialised in developing software tools for handling complex data with high volumes and guaranteed latency.

Euronext has assessed the high level of performance of the Tredzone technology by using it to develop the next generation trading platform “Optiq”. Euronext and Tredzone have now decided to enter into a more structured collaboration. Euronext subscribed to a capital increase of €1.36 million, resulting in a 34% stake in Tredzone. This agreement will enable Tredzone to strengthen its leading edge technology and will allow Euronext to benefit from future developments made by Tredzone. The founders of Tredzone will retain a 66% stake in the company.

Software development tools from Tredzone allow Euronext to fully leverage multi-core processing, hence enabling substantial savings in use of hardware, simplifying and securing IT infrastructure. Designed by a team of experts from financial markets software design, these tools are specifically adapted to handle large amounts of data in real time within a complex environment.

This partnership demonstrates the Euronext approach to innovation, aiming to acquire cutting edge skills and disruptive technologies to strengthen its technical platform and value proposition to clients.

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CONTACT- Tredzone

Nicolas Lévy:                                           +33 6 32 65 80 64;

About Euronext

Euronext is the primary exchange in the Euro zone with more than 1 300 listed issuers worth close to €3.0 trillion in market capitalization as of end March 2016, an unmatched blue chip franchise consisting of 25 issuers in the EURO STOXX 50® benchmark and a strong diverse domestic and international client base.

Euronext operates regulated and transparent equity and derivatives markets. Its total product offering includes Equities, Exchange Traded Funds, Warrants & Certificates, Bonds, Derivatives, Commodities and Indices. Euronext also leverages its expertise in running markets by providing technology and managed services to third parties. Euronext operates regulated markets, Alternext and the Free Market; in addition it offers EnterNext, which facilitates SMEs’ access to capital markets.



Tredzone provides technology solutions and services dedicated to high performance real time complex processing, enabling low

and predictable latency, perfect scalability, high throughput and hardware footprint savings. Tredzone was founded in 2013 and provides specific expertise for capital market technology companies from a team in France, the UK and the US.



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