August 2, 2017


Tredzone, an innovative leader designing ultra-reactive solutions and tools, today announce the benchmarking results for Laser, its software-based multi-market data-feed handler.

Operating in line handler mode, Laser processed formatted Level 1 data from Euronext’s Optiq® data feed at a rate of 350,000 msg/s, with wire to wire latency of 1.14μs for the 50th percentile and 1.42μs for the 100th percentile.

Using Tredzone’s proprietary WHITEBOX technology, Laser reads, normalises and presents data to the client at unsurpassed levels of latency and stability. The results were achieved using Dell Poweredge T430 servers operating at 1.8GHz with industry-standard network cards.

CEO Nicolas Levy of Tredzone said: “Laser shows how effectively WHITEBOX can deliver negligible jitter in a demanding application. Tredzone’s unique technology enables firms to develop software that achieves predictable performance in a multicore environment.”

Slim Miled, CTO of Tredzone added: “Our WHITEBOX solution allows developers to code features that will run within the line handler process without significant additional latency. The code is reusable by design, minimising both cost and time to market for additional business applications.”

Alain Courbebaisse, Chief Information and Technology Officer of Euronext said: “Euronext assessed the capabilities of Tredzone’s technology rigorously before we used it to develop Optiq®, our next generation platform. Adopting this technology for mission critical projects enables us to deliver highly predictable performance and scalability while achieving significant hardware savings.”

A full report detailing the benchmarking methodology and results is available at

For more information on Tredzone’s partnership with Euronext:

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About Tredzone

Tredzone provides the capital market industry with abstraction layers to develop mission-critical applications fulfilling real-time complex processing with high performance. Specifically designed for multicore/many-core processors, it enables to reach ultra-low and ultra-stable latency, horizontal and vertical scalability, high-throughput and hardware footprint savings

Tredzone provide a multicore throughput-optimized development SDK for building ultra-reactive systems in multiple languages (C++, Java) based on “actor model” (asynchronous, event-driven, concurrent programming) leveraging performance yield of multicore processors (patent pending)

WHITEBOX is a set of source-code building blocks that by design enables the addition of proprietary code into a low latency multicore environment

Laser, a WHITEBOX component, is a multi-market data-feed handler