Nicolas Levy - CEO & co-founder

Nicolas is an experienced senior executive with extensive expertise in international business development in the financial technology, software and services industry. He served within Chi-Tech (Chi-X Global Technology), as MarketPrizm Managing Director, providing a range of trading infrastructure technologies and services for HFT. 

From 2004 to 2008, Nicolas was CEO of GL Settle where he established a business line dedicated in multi asset settlement for capital markets. GL Settle was headquartered in London and Nicolas also headed as CEO a New York established subsidiary (OASIS). He served as the GL TRADE group’s Executive Vice President, Marketing Communications from 1998 to 2003 where he created the Marketing and Communications department.

From 1987 to 1998, Nicolas served in several management positions with CDC Group.

Alain Habra - COO & co-founder

Alain has years of experience in team leading, project management and product strategy in STP trading.

He joined Ullink with the creation of the Direct Market Access department in 2004 as a developer first and soon was in charge of the world wide DMA development. In the same line, he then headed the global STP trading for 6 years.

He was notably in charge of all market access and market data feeds, covering more than 70 financial stock exchanges. He also initiated the algorithm engine, the core system for simulating market strategies. He left Ullink in 2012 to create Tredzone where he is in charge of services and SDK.

Slim Miled – CTO & co-founder

Slim is an experienced senior lead developer with extensive expertise in software design and project management for the real time electronic trading business.

He was an associate with SERVISEN acting as CTO. From 1992 to 1996 he developed the first European real time STP trading network connecting the City to 5 major European electronic trading venues. When SERVISEN was taken over by GL TRADE in 1996, Slim transitioned by leading the GL NET software development. He then became Head of R&D at GL TRADE. He was notably the senior project manager for GL TRADE on the CME GLOBEX2 project. It was a major business development as it successfully launched the GL TRADE U.S. Branch.

Since 2003, he is developing the Middleware which is now the backbone of Tredzone.