WHITEBOX enables the construction of Reactive software

In the reactive manifesto, a Reactive software is described as responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven.

We believe that the next generation of trading systems will be based on Reactive software that does not compromise between robustness, simplicity, performance (throughput and latency > 99th percentile), customizability, flexibility, durability and TCO.

WHITEBOX design methodology helps you BUILD in simple steps, complex and quality-proven Reactive software, without ANY compromise. You focus on building your unique concurrent business workflows based on a loosely-coupled components-based software architecture.

Key Benefits
Multi-language component run

Components developed in different languages (C++, Java) can communicate with each other in the same process when using T-ENGINE as actor-model runtime.

Rich Library

WHITEBOX provides the necessary components to build a successful business workflow, which are composed of 2 families: Platform-oriented family such as monitoring, logging, registry, resiliency, failure management. Business-oriented family such as feedhandler, pre-trade risk, algo, market gateway. 

Ultra-low-latency network card support

WHITEBOX supports the latest generations of network card from Solarflare and Mellanox (planned), and kernel bypass technologies such as OpenOnload. We also developed custom software technologies for ultra low-latency demanding players. Contact us for more info.